15 December 2023

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Chicken Run Rescue Calendar, 18th edition

Dedicated to Karen Davis and Viva
Founder, United Poultry Concerns
February 4, 1944 - November 4, 2023


Chicken Run Rescue had the honor to call Karen mentor, friend and partner for 23 years from its very inception.

The most powerful force in social evolution is to see what needs to be done, act, and by example inspire and motivate others to follow the bellwether. It takes but one mere mortal human to meet one animal face to face to set it in motion. An abandoned hen was rescued, named Viva, and so began the movement for domestic fowl advocacy.

Karen wore the “bell” with pride: “eternally grateful to Tom Regan...for his establishment in philosophy and the arts of the case for animal rights. And I am honored by his kind words of appreciation for my own animal rights work through United Poultry Concerns in his 2013 Interview with the Eugene Veg Education Network, where he called me his ‘bellwether in the political storms that Animal Rights Advocates have to face.’”

Her groundbreaking work is the common foundation for all those who appear in this calendar and what they, we and you, will do For The Birds in the coming year.

bellwether: A word first used in the 15th Century to describe the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on their neck; an indicator or predictor of something.

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Founded in 2001, Chicken Run Rescue has fostered an evolution in critical thought about who is food and who is friend through rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and education.

Help all animals by adopting an animal free diet. Help individual chickens by adopting them as companions. Sustainable agriculture grows gardens not victims.

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