United Poultry Concerns June 6, 2003

New Jersey Proposes Cruel “Humane Standards” for Farmed Animals

Please send letters before July 4th.

June 6, 2003

Please write today: Dr. Nancy Halpern, Director
Division of Animal Health
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
PO Box 330
Trenton, NJ 08625-0330

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) has released draft standards for the “minimum humane” treatment of farmed animals. Instead of prohibiting inhumane practices and providing practical remedies, the proposed rule states: “These standards are not intended to modify those routine animal agriculture practices that are performed each day by farmers in New Jersey.”

For example, farmers may transport and deprive newly hatched chicks of food and water for up to 72 hours even though chicks are in a dangerous state of dehydration and yolk sac depletion by 48 hours without food and water. Farmers may cage hens in barren wire and force-molt them by starving them for 14 days to manipulate egg production even though this cruel practice impairs hens’ immunity and predisposes them to Salmonella enteritidis infection. Farmers may debeak (“beak trim”) chickens and turkeys even though beak-trimming cuts through the beak’s sensitive nerve endings causing extreme pain, and interferes with the ability of birds to eat and preen normally.

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture is accepting public comments on its proposed “humane” standards for “livestock” and “poultry” until July 4, 2003, so please write today. The NJDA needs to hear from animal protection groups and from concerned citizens. To read the standards, click on, then click on the headline that says Letters Urgently Needed. Scroll down and click on click here to access the New Jersey Department of Agriculture web page and a copy of the Proposed New Rule Regarding the Humane Treatment of Domestic Livestock.


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