United Poultry Concerns June 8, 2006

Nevada Spca Fundraiser

Please email the http://www.nevadaspca.org/ to protest their new fundraiser at Raising Cane's CHICKEN FINGERS in Las Vegas Nevada. They are asking members and friends to make a purchase at the drive thru, and for each dog in the car the company will donate one dollar to the nevada spca.  The event runs from June 12th to June 18th.  Click Events.
Although they say "any" purchase, all they really have is chicken and a few sides and drinks.  It would be so wonderful if your members and friends would take the time to email the Nevadaspca and protest using an establishment that supports the torturous chicken killing industry under the pretence that they love animals and want to help them.  
Emails to NevadaSPCA@aol.com  Phone is (702) 873-7722
Thank you so much!
Barbara Anderson


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