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Participate in the balanced discussions at the Future Trends in Animal Agriculture Symposium to learn more.

TITLE: Certification and Education Programs: Current Status of Farm Animal Welfare

Date: September 21, 2005; Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Arrive early for security processing

Location: Jefferson Auditorium, South Agriculture Building, 14 th Street and Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC; (use 4 th wing entrance)

Audience: Agency Decision Makers; USDA Personnel; Congressional Staffers; Open to the Public

Purpose: To briefly present perspectives of non-government, professional and industry organizations, and farmer and university representatives on numerous issues related to certification and education programs related to animal welfare. Government personnel will provide background information. Presentations will help ensure USDA personnel and policy makers, animal advocates, staffers and the public have a clearer understanding of the current status and implications of certification programs and educational initiatives.

The Future Trends in Animal Agriculture (FTAA) committee is composed of representatives from several animal welfare and industry organizations, universities, and USDA/CSREES.

Mission: The FTAA will foster and enhance balanced and enlightened public dialogue on topics related to the nature and future of animal agriculture.

Program Summary *

WELCOME : Mike Johanns, Secretary of Agriculture

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Certification Programs

1. Holistic Economic Analysis, Jim MacDonald, USDA/ERS;

2. What Certification Means to Consumers, Adele Douglass, Humane Farm Animal Care

3. What Certification Means to the Industries, Dennis Armstrong, Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Arizona

Briefing on Animal Welfare Conferences: “From Darwin to Dawkins: the Science and Implications of Animal Sentience”; and “Animal Welfare Initiatives, Needs, Regulation and Communication: Building on the Past, Preparing for the Future”

1. Gail Golab, American Veterinary Medical Association

2. Marlene Halverson, Animal Welfare Institute

3. Don Butler, Chairman, Animal Agriculture Alliance; Murphy-Brown LLC

Ethical Considerations for Production Agriculture and Activist Groups , To Be Determined

Historical Perspective of Laboratory Animal Care Assessment and Accreditation and the Relationship to Food Animal Production , John Miller, Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC)

Educational Programs

1. Alternative Swine Housing Educational Package, Mark Honeyman, Iowa State University

2. Chicken Behavior, a Video, Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns, Inc.

3. Overview of Land Grant University Courses and Educational Initiatives, Cami Heleski, Michigan State University

Implementation and Auditing of Broiler Chicken Welfare Standards , Richard Lobb, National Chicken Council

Please send your name, affiliation, postal address, and preferred email address to: David Brubaker, 145 South Spruce Street, Lititz, PA 17543; or send the information via email to PennsylvaniaB@aol.com. On-site registration is primarily limited to congressional and federal government personnel. FINAL PROGRAM 8/05/05

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