United Poultry Concerns August 17, 2006

Action Alert: (NC) Wildlife/bird sanctuary serving chicken

North Carolina Wildlife/bird sanctuary Serving Chicken
Please write a polite letter urging an animal-free menu

Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary
210 Grassy Gap Creek Road
Beech Mountain, NC 28604
Phone: 828-387-2979

Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary is holding a benefit dinner on Thursday, August 24 at Vasarely's restaurant on Beech Mountain.  Serving will begin at 6:30. It will be buffet with vegetarian entries and slaughtered chickens. Please thank Genesis for working to protect defenseless animals from abuse, but urge them please to remove chickens and other animals from their menu selections.

Ask them please to exhibit compassion for all animals.

Chickens are raised in filth, they live in chronic pain, they have no welfare protection, and they are tortured to death at the slaughterhouse with agonizing electric shocks and partially cut necks. Chickens are intentionally kept alive during the slaughter process, and one out of three chickens is scalded alive.

Thank you for sticking up for chickens.

United Poultry Concerns

Information about this event was posted by Carolina Animal Action, Asheville, North Carolina.

Addtional contact information for the Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary:

United Poultry Concerns, Inc.
PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405-0150
FAX: 757-678-5070