United Poultry Concerns August 22, 2003

OohMahNee Sanctuary Has Rescued Buckeye Hens for Adoption
Responsible Caregivers Sought

In early August, 1,048 brown Buckeye hens were released by Buckeye, Ohio’s largest battery-caged hen company, to OohMahNee Farm Animal Sanctuary in Hunker, Pennsylvania. According to reporter Fran Henry writing in The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) 8/7/03, who watched the hens being welcomed at OohMahNee, “In a eureka moment, a cadre of people swooped into action and began carrying the hens into the ancient barn that had been prepared for their coming. Soon the barn was filled with the gentle hum of chicken sounds. Bok-bok-bok, bok-bok-bok.”

Since then, OohMahNee has placed about 600 hens and has 600 more hens ready for adoption in permanent, loving, responsible homes and sanctuaries. UPC is adopting 60 hens. If you are in a position to give a safe permanent home to some lovely, lively brown Buckeye hens, please contact:

OohMahNee Farm Animal Sanctuary
Phone: (724) 755-2420
Fax: (724) 755-2421

Buckeye is under an Ohio order to shut down its 15-million hen operation as a result of numerous environmental violations. Buckeye is permitted to operate until the company’s appeal is settled, which may be soon. We will keep you posted.

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