United Poultry Concerns September 13, 2006

Action Alert – Please Protest Cruelty to a Chicken on Survivor

An ad for the new Survivor Cook Island Show on CBS – the actual show airs Thursday September 14 (tomorrow) – shows characters throwing a live chicken off a boat into the water. It shows the chicken flopping in the water and in the next scene one of the characters is swimming with the bird’s head under water.

What Can I Do?

Please contact CBS.com and go to Survivor: Cook Islands where you’ll see a comment section. Urge them to stop promoting cruelty to animals and encouraging young people and sadists to hurt and kill defenseless creatures. Urge them to represent social responsibility and compassion to animals. Ask them please to remove this scene from the show when it airs, and to stop airing it entirely. Request a written response and include your complete name, mailing address & phone number, in addition to your email address.  Please be firm but polite and professional in your correspondence. Thank you.


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