30 January 2023

dead hen in cage under heat lamps
This hen is being experimentally tortured to death by VSD+. Photo courtesy of Animal Outlook

Vet Record: ‘The veterinary profession should not condone killing animals by heatstroke’

“For pigs subjected to VSD+, the heat inside the barn can rise above 74°C (the temperature at which meat is considered safe to eat), while the animals are still alive. To make matters worse, it takes up to 2.5 hours for the pigs to stop squealing, become silent and finally, for most of them to die. For chickens and turkeys, it may take 4.5 hours or more and not all the birds die. The pathophysiology of heatstroke suggests that these animals are likely to suffer and experience pain, anxiety, nausea, heat distress and breathlessness before loss of consciousness.” – Dr. Barry Kipperman   Commentary

Censorship concerns raised regarding the American Veterinary Medical Association's Humane Endings Symposium this week in Chicago

Note that this AVMA Humane Endings Symposium, January 27-29, 2023, was sponsored by the agribusiness corporation Cargill and by the pharmaceutical industry corporation Charles River Laboratories. That the AVMA prioritizes agribusiness over animals is an understatement. United Poultry Concerns is a coalition member of Our Honor, an affiliation of veterinarians and animal advocacy organizations fighting for animals by exposing the horrific abuse of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pigs subjected in the United States to Ventilation Shutdown+ as the primary method of “depopulation” – the mass-extermination of birds and pigs by torturous suffocation and heatstroke supported by the AVMA leadership, which is increasingly being held to account by veterinary practitioners in the U.S., UK, European Union, and Canada. ‑ United Poultry Concerns

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