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30 September 2015
That Quail, Robert, by Margaret A. Stanger

One of the best books ever: 5-Star Review by Karen Davis, PhD, Sept 30, 2015

that quail robert That Quail, Robert is one of the most beautiful and moving books I have ever read. Robert, who turns out to be "she," is evocatively portrayed in a way that sears your heart with the realization of the richness of life within a bird. I cannot praise or recommend this book warmly enough. I have purchased a copy for myself and for two other people who loved it, and encouraged another friend, who has several rescued quails, to buy it, which she did, with gratitude. I am happy to see all these 5-star reviews. This book is poignant and informative about a bird who, sadly, is often kept in abysmal cages, filth and misery by the industries that produce them for food and sport hunting. If you read That Quail, Robert, you will understand why quails should be respected and cherished, and never locked up in cages, as so many of them are. Robert lucked out with Margaret. May all quails be so fortunate. Review by Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns, on Amazon.com


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