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13 September 2012
Searing Commentary Through Visual Imagery
Cruel by Sue Coe and Sanctuary by Sharon Lee Hart: Two Powerful New Books available from United Poultry Concerns

Cruel: Bearing Witness To Animal Exploitation by Sue Coe
OR Books, 2012
“What permits such torment and abuse to occur in the first place?” – Sue Coe

Renowned visual artist Sue Coe, pioneer champion of animal rights and author of Dead Meat, has produced this mesmerizing new book documenting the experiences of animals raised and slaughtered for human consumption. Richly illustrated with full-color paintings and drawings, Cruel evokes the intense suffering of the animals and conditions of the workers involved in their violent destruction. Armed only with her sketchpad, Coe often gains access to places no other reporter has penetrated. Through its written account and haunting visual images, Cruel is a surpassingly passionate testimony to the waste, sorrow and violence perpetrated by our species against others.

“CRUEL captures the surrealistic madness and maniacal evil of animal “food” production. There is no other book like this one to get people to see and to stop contributing to the devilish horror and unspeakable sadness of eating our fellow creatures.” – UPC President Karen Davis

$20 includes shipping. Order from UPC by check or money order, or by credit card at


Sanctuary: Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals by Sharon Lee Hart
Charta Books, 2012
“For all farm animals, with love and hope for a humane, peaceful future.”
– Sharon Lee Hart

Sharon Lee Hart’s photography project SANCTUARY takes you on an intimate journey to meet wonderful animals and the courageous rescuers who become their companions. Sanctuary caregivers evoke individual animals in short, handwritten stories accompanying Hart’s starkly beautiful black & white photography. “I love it that there are more sanctuaries every year, all over the world, and that more people are visiting them. Some come away with a promise: ‘I will no longer participate in the suffering of these innocent creatures.’” – Sharon Lee Hart

“I hope that by seeing what Sharon has been able to achieve with her camera (and her heart), you will be inspired to visit one of the sanctuaries featured and see for yourself the animals whose expressive, poignant photographic portraits are included here.” – Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Everyone can “visit” a sanctuary by buying, reading & sharing SANCTUARY.

$20 includes shipping. Order from UPC by check or money order, or by credit card at

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