27 April 2021

The Human Hoax Chicken Webinar

Announcing UPC's 2nd Annual Chicken Webinar!

We are excited to announce the 2nd Annual Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar, sponsored by United Poultry Concerns and Triangle Chicken Advocates. Our first Chicken Webinar in 2020 was so successful and appreciated that we decided to make it an annual event. This year’s webinar will explore the rich, complex lives of chickens, and the pervasive, harmful lies of the chicken industry. Our panel of experts will reveal what you need to know about chickens and how to protect them. Join us for this unique experience focused on the charming, cheerful, curious, social, busy, delightful chicken!

Join us on Saturday, May 29, 2021 for our
2nd Annual Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar.



For our 2021 Chicken Webinar we have a fantastic lineup of speakers. UPC’s founder and president Karen Davis, PhD, will explain how suffering is often associated exclusively with pain, but that while pain involves suffering, not all suffering involves pain. Karen will describe the ways in which chickens can suffer physically and psychologically and the difference between acute suffering and chronic suffering. She will describe by contrast the ways in which a chicken expresses perceptible happiness and wellbeing, and why knowing the difference matters.

We will also have Dr. Tushar Mehta, an emergency medicine physician, who has compiled an online database that collects and organizes the most important academic and institutional literature regarding the impacts of a plant-based diet on health, the environment, and food security, including the role of animal agriculture in creating zoonotic pandemics. He will focus on the chicken farming industry and expose the ecological, health, and zoonotic risks of poultry and egg consumption.

Also joining us is Rachel McCrystal of Woodstock Sanctuary, and a panel of Microsanctuary folks who will speak about our panel topic: Chickens on the Couch, Dismantling Who Is a Companion Animal.

There is a surge of interest in chickens and UPC has been on the frontlines of this compassionate wave for decades. Help us continue to raise the status and standing of chickens in people’s perception by joining us on May 29th and educating yourself on all things chicken!



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