21 October 2019

Cockfighting Alert: Tell Monterey County, CA Officials to Enforce the Law

On October 15th, Steve Hindi and SHARK Investigator Janet Enoch appeared before the Monterey County Board of Supervisors in California to raise the issue of illegal rooster operations that violate the county's five rooster limit. A permit can be obtained to allow more roosters, but there are currently no active permits in the county. There are, however, an estimated one thousand illegal rooster operations in Monterey County.

Watch the news coverage of SHARK's campaign:

Countless illegal rooster operations active in Monterey County

KION News video

SHARK writes: On our trip to CA, we used our drones in just three small areas of the county and documented thirty properties violating the law. Cockfighting is horrendous and disgusting and it’s long past time that serious action was taken. This is why we are publishing the addresses of 30 property locations we've filmed with our drones that are in violation of the law. Those addresses can be viewed on THIS link.

rows of cages with roosters
Just one of the 30 properties SHARK filmed with our drones

Please contact the Monterey County Board of Supervisors and demand they take action to eliminate the illegal rooster operations. Tell them to give Animal Control the resources they need. It has been 5 years since the ordinance went into effect and nothing has been done!

Thank you for taking action to help the suffering roosters, who cannot defend themselves against the Crow-Magnons who torment them and force them through terror and abuse to act out human aggression. United Poultry Concerns currently has 4 roosters rescued from cockfighting operations: Mr-Sippi (now 10 years old), and Brandy Alexander, Scooter, and Rowdy, who with 47 hens were saved in a raid in Virginia Beach in 2018.

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Left: Brandy Alexander & Family. Photo by Karen Davis, July 12, 2019
Roosters in a wooded area with chicks