18 January 2018

Letter to Dr. Bronner’s from United Poultry Concerns

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your rapid response to our Alert yesterday, Dr. Bronner’s Supports “Humane Washing” Enterprise, regarding Dr. Bronner’s’ financial support for Farm Forward, an organization that promotes “humane” animal production operations for “conscientious” consumers. Today, UPC president Karen Davis sent this letter to Dr. Bronner’s.

For those who may not have viewed the linked documents in yesterday’s Alert, showing Dr. Bronner’s’ “Support for Farm Forward,” here is Dr. Bronner’s’ Education Donations logo featuring Farm Forward along with other recipients, and stating at the outset: “This year we are especially proud to note our continued support of Farm Forward.”

Read Dr. Bronner's' press release.

Dr. Bronner's infographic showing support for Farm Forward

Imagine saying “Be kind to animals,” while funding events like this:

Slitting the throat of a chicken in a kill cone


What Can I Do?

Please express your displeasure to Dr. Bronner’s and urge them to dissociate their business from all forms of animal exploitation in keeping with their claims of “peacemaking” and doing animals “no harm.” Since when did cutting an animal’s throat cause the animal “no harm”? Since when did breeding and killing animals for cuisine constitute “peacemaking”? Tell Dr. Bronner’s you will not buy their products – and mean it – until they stop supporting animal abuse regardless of the label.


Thank you for taking a stand.