United Poultry Concerns October 1 , 2004

Governor Schwarzenegger Signs SB 1520 Into Law!

In one of the greatest victories for farm animals to date, Governor
Schwarzenegger signed SB 1520. This bill not only outlaws the cruel force
feeding of ducks and geese to produce foie gras, but also prohibits the
sale of this "delicacy" in the state of California. This legislation -
the first ever in the U.S. to ban foie gras - sets a nationwide precedent
for the humane treatment of farm animals and paves the way for future
advocacy efforts.

Once the law is implemented, ducks and geese will no longer endure the
horror of force feeding at the hands of a foie gras farmer - their pain
will finally end.

This is a triumph for farm animals everywhere and the individuals who
advocate on their behalf. THANK YOU to all who wrote or called the
Governor's office and everyone who helped make this amazing victory a



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