United Poultry Concerns October 11 , 2003

Duck protest held on New Haven Green


Visitors to the New Haven Green on Sat., Oct. 4, may have run into a gaggle of protestors wearing signs with slogans such as "Force-Feeding Ducks Sucks."

About 20 people gathered around a tent at the corner of College and Chapel Street Saturday afternoon, informing passersby via pamphlets and large signboards about the force-feeding of ducks and geese involved in the production of foie gras.

The protest was organized by The Ducks' Voice, an Internet-based group which coordinates word-of-mouth campaigns in an effort to prevent restaurants from selling foie gras and end duck force-feeding. New Haven was chosen as the site of the protest because a member of the website, Kim Turner, is a city resident concerned with the number of restaurants on Chapel Street (citing Zinc, Roomba, and Union League Café) who sell foie gras on their regular menu.

Several Yale students participated in the protest, including Shareen Joshi, GRD '05, the author of a Thurs., Sept. 25 editorial on the issue. "In the United States, animal rights groups have had less support, and perhaps more ridicule, than some other parts of the globe," she said. "The responses to the article [about the treatment of ducks in the production of foie gras]...were awesome, and that was good news."

Joshi continued, "The big question people ask is why foie gras? Why ducks? My response is that even in light of the fact that meat-eating and factory farming is completely legitimized, the production of foie gras stands out as particularly appalling."

-Maureen Miller


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