9 July 2019

District Attorney Will Pursue Justice for Duck Beaten To Death By College Men In Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Muscovy duck

Dear Friend,

On July 2nd, we posted an alert urging our supporters to urge the District Attorney of Tallapoosa County, Alabama to prosecute the two men who savagely beat a Muscovy duck with a baseball bat on May 5th after a party in Alexander City. Here is the alert with the details:

Demand Prosecution of Alabama Students Who Savagely Beat a Duck to Death with a Bat

We are pleased to share with you the encouraging response we received today from District Attorney Jeremy Duerr to our letter and to the “hundreds of emails” he said he’s received as a result of our posting this case information. He writes: “Please let everyone know that I intend on seeing this case through till the end. . . . The cases will go to the next available Grand Jury here in Alexander City, and if they [the accused] are indicted, they will be set on the trial docket. Thank you and everyone for your letters of support. I have full intentions of seeing the 2 men are punished for what they did to this poor defenseless animal.”

Mr. Duerr said in his message that he and his 5-year-old son go often to the college pond where the duck had been living peacefully, to feed the ducks and spend time with them, “as do many people in our community.”

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Duerr for his sensitivity to the situation, his commitment to prosecuting the case, and his kindness in letting us know that he values the outpouring of support. We will update everyone as new information on the progress of this case is available.

Thank you for speaking out! Our voices are heard!
United Poultry Concerns