23 July 2020

Protect Denver’s Canada Geese: Take Action!

Several hundred Canada Geese were forcibly removed from area parks and inhumanely slaughtered in June/July 2020.


Park rangers shoving terrified geese into crates
In this photo, the captured geese are being crated to be trucked to the slaughterhouse in July 2020. They and their precious goslings are all dead now. This sickening cruelty has got to stop.

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In 2019, the city of Denver summoned federal agents to round up more than 1,600 Canada geese. Sources say the geese were trucked to R&C Processing in Fort Collins, Colorado. The frightened geese and their young waited in the blistering heat until they were slaughtered. Many perished while waiting. Wildlife Services said they were killed by "human hands." If so, this means dislocating their necks resulting in lengthy and painful deaths, or taking a knife or a hatchet and chopping off their heads. Or they could have been slaughtered by the standard automated poultry slaughter process that includes paralytic electric shock and automated throat-cutting. Or a combination of these cruelties could have been used.

Denver activists stated about this year’s roundup: “This year we're not sure where they met their demise. We need your help to finally put an end to this brutality. As taxpayers, we paid for this horrific nightmare.”

What Can I Do?

Please sign this new petition. You can go even further by personally contacting Denver city officials and the Denver tourist bureau, Visit Denver. Tell them how disgusted you are with the handling of the Canada geese and that the city needs to adopt compassionate, nonlethal ways of resolving the conflict. If you’re an out-of-towner, tell them your decision to visit Denver will be negatively impacted by Denver’s egregiously cruel behavior to the geese. Urge that if they care about the reputation of their city and animal cruelty, they must act constructively to prevent these unconscionable massacres in the future. Request a written reply from each official and administrator to your concerns.

City of Denver

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock
1437 North Bannock Street, Room 350
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-865-9000
Website Contact Form

Deputy Manager Scott Gilmore
Denver Parks & Recreation
201 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-324-1063 or 720-913-1311

Visit Denver - Tourist Bureau

Richard Scharf, President & CEO
Email: rscharf@visitdenver.com

Hannah King. Executive Assistant
Phone: 303-571-9468
Email: hking@visitdenver.com

Carrie Atiyeh, Director of Government & Community Affairs
Email: catiyeh@visitdenver.com

Visit Denver - Tourist Information Center

1575 California Street
Denver, CO 80202
Toll-free: 800-233-6837
Local: 303-892-1505
Website: www.visitdenver.com

Thank You for Taking Action for These Birds!
United Poultry Concerns

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For addtional information and correspondence see:
Canada Geese Massacre in Denver, CO: Correspondence & Update