24 December 2020

Ducks on the shoreline
Photo Courtesy of Christine Grenier

Muscovy Ducks Will NOT Be Killed:
Activists’ & Residents’ Voices Were Heard!

Dear Friends,

On Dec. 17 we posted SAVE THESE PEACEFUL DUCKS FROM POINTLESS KILLING! Sign & Share This Petition.

A clamor of sorrow and outrage from the residents of Island Walk, Florida and UPC supporters changed the trajectory of a plan by the community’s board of directors from violence to peaceful resolution. On Dec. 23, the board voted to:

“Rescind the vote to have Ray the Trapper capture Muscovy Ducks and to suspend any action until additional input can be gathered from state, local and federal wildlife experts, academics and environmentalists, as well as residents, on the best methods for managing population growth. The Lake Committee, along with management and the Board will develop a plan, which will be discussed with the community and amended as needed.”

The Island Walk resident most responsible for saving the ducks is animal rights vegan activist, Christine Grenier, who on Dec. 11 emailed UPC that “Just tonight, I’ve learned that our community’s board of directors has voted to round up and kill the Muscovy ducks who reside here in our lakes. I am angry and near tears. I feel helpless. I wish I could help the ducks. They are precious, innocent, and beautiful. I appreciate your time and thoughts on this matter.”

Christine turned her tears into the late Congressman John Lewis’s call to Make Good Trouble. She researched the situation, helped galvanize community support for the Muscovies, spoke to the media, and created the petition we posted last week.

When Christine shared the news yesterday, I asked her if she felt the ducks would be safe from now on, and she replied: “My gut feeling is that the board will do nothing and return to the status quo, leaving the Muscovies alone and free from harassment or threat of death. It is possible they may actually find an alternate humane solution but, honestly, there is no issue with excess defecation. Whatever is there is left by all of the waterfowl, not only the Muscovy Ducks. Karen, this was much ado about nothing from the start. Sad but true.”

We’re so happy and grateful to share this wonderful news. Thank you, Christine, and everyone who joined together to make a Wish Come True!
Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

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