28 February 2021

Duck swimming alongside ducklings

Protect Baby Chicks & Ducklings

Petition Urges Tractor Supply to
Stop Selling Chicks & Ducklings

Each spring, parents and others buy baby chicks, ducklings, and other small animals from Tractor Supply for Easter. Tractor Supply and similar farm stores fill bins with these motherless young animals who are poorly maintained by employees who cannot care for them properly and do not recognize the suffering these animals are experiencing, including illness, dehydration, and lameness. Like the customers they sell to, most store employees and managers do not know, for example, that motherless baby animals need dark, quiet places to shelter in, and that being subjected to constant light and noise is profoundly stressful and cruel.

Unsold animals are destroyed by Tractor Supply and similar farm supply companies.

Most of the “Easter” chicks, ducklings and other animals purchased by Tractor Supply customers are discarded once the charm of “Oh, how cute” wears off. Often these animals are purchased as gifts for friends who do not want them. Most buyers do not know how to care for these fragile creatures. They grow tired of the animals and the labor, and few if any spend money on veterinary care.

Each spring and summer, countless chickens and ducklings purchased from Tractor Supply get dumped in the woods or near water, in parks and along roadsides, where they cannot survive. Bill Crain, cofounder of Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary in New York, writes that starting in March, “Stores will be selling ducklings. Last spring, our sanctuary received an average of two or three calls a day from people who purchased ducklings but discovered they required more care than anticipated. The problem extends beyond ducks and includes chickens. Tractor Supply and others like them sell chicks in batches that include roosters most people can’t keep.”

Join us in urging Tractor Supply to stop selling ducklings, baby chicks, rabbits and other small animals in their stores.

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Hal Lawton, CEO
Tractor Supply
5401 Virginia Way
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: 615-440-4600 extension 4601 it will go to voice mail
Website: www.tractorsupply.com

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