United Poultry Concerns April 4 , 2005

Force-feeding of geese and ducks is illegal in Israel!

From Anonymous for Animal Rights: http://www.anonymous.org.il/english

Starting 1 April 2005: force-feeding of geese and ducks is illegal in Israel!

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled on August 2003 in a detailed decision
<> that
force-feeding of geese and ducks is in violation of the Animal Welfare
Act, and that the regulations that had allowed this practice were not
valid. The Court allowed an extension of about a year and a half, ending
at the end of March 2005, before the ban was to be enforced. Yesterday,
on 31 March 2005, the Supreme Court rejected a request by the Ministry
of Agriculture to extend the delay by an additional year. Israel is the
world's fourth largest producer of foie gras, and most of its production
is designated for export to the European Union and Japan.

Anonymous for Animal Rights, which manages this campaign for the last 6
years, wishes to thank every person and organization who took part in
this campaign, wrote letters to Israeli authorities, attended vigils in
front of Israeli Consulates, provided us with information, and gave us
moral or financial support. Special thanks to the /World Society for the
Protection of Animals/ (WSPA), whose financial support made possible our
public campaign, and Noah, The Israeli Association of Animal Protection
Organizations, which managed the legal struggle against force-feeding.


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