28 March 2021

“Chickens Talk” Via UPC President Karen Davis on Vegan India!

They communicate their love, fears, and feelings, similar to you and me.

Two chickens talking to each other

Just as humans use words to communicate, chickens use sounds. And there is not much difference between these modes of communication if you think about it, for words too are “just” sounds, but these sounds convey meaning, information, and ranges of emotion and expression.

The following article by Dr. Karen Davis enumerates the “words” that chickens use to communicate to their friends and family members and what these words mean to chickens. Let’s get ready for some serious chicken talk!

Dr. Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns, needs no introduction. Since 2010, this blog has drawn inspiration, perspectives, and insights from her books, interviews, newsletters, podcasts, and website. Her earnest writings about the lives of chickens form the core of all our posts on chicken sentience. – Vegan India!


Read the article:
Understanding How Chickens Talk.