7 November 2019

Costco, Bill Gates & Africa: The Chicken Connection

Photo of chicken breeding farm in Africa
A chicken breeding farm in Africa

What connects Costco and The Gates Foundation is their betrayal of what they claim on behalf of animals, workers, and the environment.

Costco Sets Up Massive Chicken Slaughterhouse in the Midst of an Environmental Crisis

Costco is opening a new slaughterhouse to house factory farm chickens to keep the price of its $4.99 rotisserie chicken. According to Food & Water Watch, the company beloved for workers’ rights has started exploiting animals.

Costco has a new poultry slaughterhouse in Nebraska. The new factory will have the capacity to slaughter 1.7 million chickens each week. This slaughterhouse will receive chickens from across the Midwest, including Iowa. Read the article.

And while Bill Gates, in The Future of Food, wrote in 2013 that “There’s plenty of protein in plants, rice, maize, wheat and soy. The problem is that instead of feeding these crops to people, we’re feeding most of them to livestock” – though he wrote that, it hasn’t stopped The Gates Foundation for funding and promoting chicken factory-farms in Africa.

See, for example:
Urge Bill and Melinda Gates NOT to Support KFC in Africa!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is spreading through the African continent like the plague with more than 750 locations in sub-Saharan Africa alone.

In 2014, United Poultry Concerns wrote to The Gates Foundation:
UPC's Letter to the Gates Foundation Opposing Support for KFC

What Can I Do?

Urge Costco and Bill Gates to invest in plant-based “chicken” and other animal-free products. If they have any true sense of corporate responsibility toward animals, human health, workers, and the environment, they will stop building chicken slaughterhouses and invest in plant-powered food for the people.

- Contact Costco: Costco Corporate Offices
- Contact Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Contact Us


Learn more about the polluting effects of the poultry industry:

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Thank you for choosing plants over poultry
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