Upcoming Events with UPC

upc table berkeley vegan earth day 2015
  • Saturday, February 1: SacTown VegFest, McClellan Conference Center, McClellan, CA. UPC will host an exhibit table. More information and tickets available here.
  • Saturday, February 15: Get Healthy Sacramento, Mack Powell Event Center, Sacramento, CA. UPC’s Hope Bohanec will be presenting at this annual Sacramento speaker series. More information and tickets available here.
  • Saturday, February 29: Conscious Eating Conference, David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA. 2020 Conscious Eating Conference: Making Connections: Overlapping Oppressions UPC's 2020 Conscious Eating Conference brings expert speakers from across the country to Berkeley, California to share their ideas and experiences. This year we explore overlapping oppressions with these questions: How is speciesism entangled with other forms of oppression? What is the best way for us to represent veganism and animal advocacy that recognizes multiple, overlapping oppressions? How do we create supportive alliances? Please join us for this exciting day that includes the Animal Rights Herstory Panel detailing the struggle for animals and animal rights since the 1980s.
    More information and tickets available here.

Cockadoodledoo! We want you!

Rhubarb at the sanctuary crowing
Photo of UPC sanctuary rooster, Rhubarb, by Davida G. Breier.