15 December 2022

Hold NCSU Chancellor Accountable for Animal Abuse

Free from Harm has joined United Poultry Concerns in calling to account Chancellor Randolph Woodson of North Carolina State University on the right of the student newspaper, Technician, to reject our ad citing inhumane poultry science department experiments on hens at the university. (Scroll down to FfH’s Call to Action).

The Chancellor’s office told me today that Technician editors “are their own entity” suggesting that the Chancellor’s office may lack legal authority over the Technician. (We are investigating this claim.)

The Chancellor’s office has also told people that the Ventilation Shutdown Plus experiments conducted in 2016 – the focus of our ad – are no longer being conducted at NCSU. In fact, VSD+ experiments are continuing to be financed by grants from the USPoultry Foundation to benefit the poultry & egg industry’s mass-exterminations of birds affected by the avian influenza epidemic caused by industry breeding practices and the toilet bowls in which millions of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and other “farm” birds are trapped. Avian flu viruses, toxic bacteria, decomposing feces, and excremental gases are everywhere in the poultry houses: on the floor, in the air, inside the birds’ debilitated and defenseless bodies.
– Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

Here is a VSD+ experiment at NCSU funded by the USPoultry Foundation in 2022:

Assessing the Physiological Stressors Due to Injection of Nitrogen During Ventilation Shutdown Plus Heat for Depopulation of Laying Hens - North Carolina State University

Timely depopulation is one of the most critical control measures to contain a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreak. Delayed depopulation is a primary predictive factor in determining the size of an outbreak. As such, the poultry industry is examining all potential methods to depopulate infected and potentially infected birds at the same complex within 24 to 48 hours.

In the egg industry, the two methods for depopulating cage layer facilities, ventilation shutdown plus (VSD+) and CO2 infusion of an entire production house (VSDCO 2), have been shown to meet the 24 to 48 hour criteria. Foam does not work in a cage or aviary environment. If the need for depopulation is widespread, the supply of CO2 can become quickly overwhelmed in the face of tens of millions of laying hens in need of being depopulated, and given the structural design of the buildings.

Understanding the physiological effects and stressors of injecting N2 as a component of VSD+ would be logical. Nitrogen (N2) is not an irritant and will displace O2. This may be an alternative depopulation method that is not documented. The goal is to analyze and provide scientific data to evaluate the depopulation effectiveness of injecting N2 as the “+” in VSD+ for pandemic and foreign animal disease emergencies.

See also this Lancaster Farming article on VSD+ which states that longtime NCSU poultry experimenter Ken Anderson “proceeds with his research. He is preparing to study using plentiful nitrogen gas as an alternative to less available carbon dioxide.”

Poultry science departments salivate over these poultry disease opportunities to obtain grants. Brutal, repetitive, ghastly and grotesque experiments are what these departments Do. It’s Who They Are. As you can see reading the summary highlighted above, VSD+ experiments can be repeated over and over by tweaking this or that element of the experiment almost ad infinitum. The lucrative experimental opportunities are virtually limitless.

When you call or email Chancellor Woodson, do NOT say his office should make the Technician run our ad. We do not know yet if his office can do that. Turns out it’s a complicated legal issue. Instead, state your concern that our ad was rejected and that you urge the Technician to publish it in keeping with the Technician’s commitment to Free Speech, as described here: https://www.ncsu.edu/free-speech.

Ask Chancellor Woodson to do what he can to get the Technician to run our ad.

– Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

Message From the Free From Harm Team

Chancellor Woodson benefited from hideous VSD experiments, then blocked 
    UPC's ad exposing them in violation of the university's free speech rules.
Dying hen photo c/o Animal Outlook.

Hi Karen,
North Carolina State University Chancellor, Randolph Woodson, benefited from hideous Ventilation Shut Down experiments on chickens, which Animal Outlook exposed in their investigation.

United Poultry Concerns' director, Karen Davis, decided to take out an ad in the university’s publication. After the ad was accepted, the ad was then blocked for no reason given in violation of the university’s free speech rules. In response to this, Davis wrote a brilliant letter calling out the University’s free speech hypocrisy as well as their shameful coverup of these hideous animal tests.

We are demanding that Chancellor Woodson allow the ad to run AND end these hideous experiments!

Please make the call now and leave a message at 919-515-2191. If you are unable to leave a message, please send an email using the button below.

“I support Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns in her freedom of speech right to expose the absolutely hideous chicken experiments conducted by NCSU's Poultry Science Dept.! I urge you to end any future experiments and let UPC's educational ad run!"

Email Chancellor Woodson using this script

Email Woodson

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In solidarity and gratitude,
Free from Harm Team.

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