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The Experimental Use of Chickens and Other Birds in Biomedical and Agricultural Research

By Karen Davis, PhD © 2003.

The Experimental Use of Chickens and Other Birds in Biomedical and Agricultural Research by Karen Davis, PhD, President of United Poultry Concerns, was graciously funded by the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS), a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to ending animal experimentation. United Poultry Concerns, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. Permission to use material from this report is granted on condition of acknowledgement.

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United Poultry Concerns gratefully acknowledges the research assistance provided by Mary Finelli, the editor of Farmed Animal Net, which can be found on the Web at www.farmedanimal.net.


  1. Introduction: Millions of Birds are Used in Research

  2. History and Definition of Birds as Animal Models

  3. Birds Used in Biomedical Research   
    • Sclerosis and Fibrosis Experiments
    • Diet and Nutrition Experiments
    • Muscular Dystrophy and Muscular Performance Experiments
    • Visual Impairment Experiments
    • Surgical Experiments
    • Sex-Change Experiments
    • Organ Development and Deformity Experiments
    • Trans-Species Brain Transplants
    • Aging Experiments
    • Pain Experiments

  4. Birds Used in Chemical, Toxicological, Virus Detection, Space Shuttle, and Classroom Tests
    • Smoke Inhalation Experiments
    • Drug Testing
    • Classroom Experiments
    • Space Shuttle Experiments
    • Gulf War Chemicals Experiments
    •  Virus Detection: Chickens Used as Sentinels

  5. Birds Used In Agricultural Research
    • Vivisection and the Poultry and Egg Industries
    • USDA Bibliography: Stress in Poultry Experiments
    • Shell-less Egg Experiment on Hens Using Balloons and Tampons
    • Chickens as a Model for Prenatal Mammalian Stress in Factory Farming
    • Partial Beak Amputation Experiments
    • Contact Lens Experiments
    • Behavioral Experiments to Fit Birds to Factory Farming
    • Forced Molting (Food Deprivation) Experiments
    • Feather Pulling Experiments
    • Featherless Chicken Experiments

  6. Genetic Engineering and Cloning of Domestic Fowl
    • To Develop and Refine Experimental Methodologies & Technologies
    • To Produce Pharmaceuticals
    • To Exploit Profitable Poultry “Meat” Traits
    • Misery of Modern “Meat” Birds
    • Cloning of Chickens for the Poultry Industry

  7. Conclusion: Night of the Living Dead for Birds
    • The Blind Chicken Solution
    • The Headless Chicken Solution
  8. NOTES

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