UPC Forum Videos Now Available

Lynn Halpern
Lynn Halpern, UPC Forum Benefactor
Photo By: Julie Beckham

VHS Format in Color
One speaker per tape. Each tape approx. 50 min. to 1 hr
Order single presentations or sets from:
Video Transfer, 5800 Arundel Ave. Rockville, MD 20852
Call 301-881-0270. Fax: 301-770-9131. Email: videotransfer@movielab.com
Prepay by check, money order, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) $15 per tape plus shipping. Permission is granted to show and broadcast these tapes.

“Mad Cows to Mad Chickens” - 2004 Forum Speakers/Talks

  • Sarahjane Blum. GourmetCruelty.com – “Delicacy of Despair: Behind the Closed Doors of the Foie Gras Industry”
  • Virgil Butler – “Inside Tyson’s Hell: Why I Got Out of the Chicken Slaughtering Business”
  • Terry Cummings, Poplar Spring Farm Animal Sanctuary – “The Reality of Free-Range Turkey Farming”
  • Mary Finelli – “Are There Humane Production Alternatives to Animal Factories?”
  • Lester Friedlander, DVM – “Mad Cow: The Man Who Knew Too Much”
  • Michael Greger, MD – “The Killers Among Us: Infectious Proteins in the Food Supply”
  • Pattrice Jones, Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center – “Deep in the Heart of Poultry Country: Depression, Despoliation & Demoralization on the Delmarva Peninsula”
  • Jim Mason – “My Job at the Turkey Breeding Factory”
  • Paul Shapiro, Compassion Over Killing – “Letting the Animals Speak for Themselves: The Importance of Undercover Investigations”

UPC thanks the following people for their financial assistance: Lynn Halpern, Audrey E.V. Haschemeyer, Lenore Madeleine, Richard J. Peppin, and Sheila Rybak.

“Promoting Veganism” - 2003 Forum Speakers/Talks

  • Carol J. Adams - “Beyond Just ‘Living With’ Meat Eaters”
  • Karen Davis, PhD, UPC – “Should Animal Advocates Promote a ‘Humane’ Animal-Based Diet and Endorse ‘Humane’ l Farmed Animal Production and Products?”
  • Bruce Friedrich, PETA – “Effective Vegan Advocacy: Look at Corporations and Steal from Their Corporate Playbook”
  • Pattrice Jones, Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center – “Get Real: Facing Reality and Crafting Strategies Accordingly”
  • Jack Norris, Vegan Outreach – “Mainstreaming Veganism by Reaching Youth and Focusing on Animal Suffering”
  • Loren Ornelas, Viva!USA – “My Experience Going From Working on Anti-Vivisection to Veganism”
  • Paul Shapiro, Compassion Over Killing – “Making a Big Difference with Few Resources: Effective Vegan Advocacy on a
    Tight Budget”
  • Zoe Weil, International Institute for Humane Education – “Inspiring People to Be Vegan”

These videos are a production of The Compassionate Living Project, PO Box 202, Granby, CT 06035 (860) 653-0729 www.compassionatelivingproject.org