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The Emotional World of Farm Animals is Airing on Prime Time The World is Watching!

The Emotional World of Farm Animals is a wonderful documentary produced by Animal Place and led by best-selling author Jeffrey Masson. This delightful film – for viewers of all ages – is all about the thinking and feeling side of farmed animals. At United Poultry Concerns, for example, founder Karen Davis describes chickens’ zest for life, their extensive communication systems, and their extended family life.

Since April, when it debuted on San Francisco’s KQED, thousands of viewers have seen this important film, aired 42 times so far on PBS, 36 percent of them on prime time!

Jeffrey Masson, author of The Pig Who Sang to the Moon, leads viewers through his personal journey, while writing his beautiful book, into the sentient, emotional lives of farmed animals at sanctuaries around the country, including United Poultry Concerns, Animal Place, Farm Sanctuary, and Colorado’s Wilderness Ranch. You meet the animals along with teenagers who had a change of heart, and experts in animal behavior who share their perspectives on these amazing creatures.

  • When The Emotional World of Farm Animals airs on your local PBS channel, please tune in – and thank them for broadcasting it! If it is not yet scheduled on your PBS station, ask them to air this first-of-its-kind film on farmed animal behavior. You can note that the National Education Telecommunications Association (NETA) distributes the film exclusively to PBS, and they’ll know what to do.
  • Order The Emotional World of Farm Animals from UPC by check or money order in DVD or VHS. $20 includes immediate shipping. This film is great way to educate family and friends about the inner lives of farmed animals without grueling images of factory farming. The animals in this film were rescued.
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