In Memoriam

The FreddaFlower Memorial Fund

FreddaFlower with Friends
Photo by S.E. Rayfield
Freddaflower with friends Gerda and Angel.

Over the years, United Poultry Concerns has received many loving memorial contributions from our members on behalf of their beloved companion chickens, turkeys and ducks who have died. Starting in the next issue, with a donation to UPC of ten dollars or more, we will publish "In Loving Memory Of (your bird's name)," along with your name as the compassionate donor. If in the past you have sent us a donation in memory of a beloved bird, we will gladly include your memorial if you would kindly remind us, briefly, of your bird's name and species. The unexpected death of our dear, lively hen, FreddaFlower, on the morning of July 26th, prompted this Memorial Fund, which we've been thinking of adding to PoultryPress for a long time. We at United Poultry Concerns have watched so many of our beloved and fragile birds, rescued from horrible circumstances, die over the years. . . .

Susan Rayfield wrote the following poem for our beautiful hen, Alice. Susan, a professional photographer who has taken many wonderful pictures of our chickens here at United Poultry Concerns, sent us her poem, To Alice, when FreddaFlower died. Alice and FreddaFlower both died in my arms, and I miss them.

– Karen Davis, Editor

To Alice
So many times
Choosing, buying, basting, seasoning, chewing, swallowing
Pieces of those like you

Here you come walking right to me
You come for comfort and company

Imagine that
After all those like me treated you cruelly
You still carry your hefty body to me
You reach out to me
You wriggle close to me
You wrap your head around my neck
You fall asleep in my arms
Wheezing and sighing heavily
Not made to breathe comfortably
But to be wrapped in cellophane for dinner tables

Thinking of these things
While I hold you
And you rest
Causes my cheeks to dampen

If only they could see you
And feel for you
And know you
– Susan Rayfield

In Loving Memory of . . .

Chicky Chance, from Ed Chiffons, Hockessin, Delaware. "We found Chicky on Easter weekend 1999 along the road. She fell off a Tyson truck and could never walk properly, but despite her handicap, she would always manage to flap her wings to get near you. She is buried under the tree she loved being under when the weather was nice."

"My beautiful rooster, Chicky, who was killed," from Carol J. West, Castro Valley, CA.

"My rooster Sheridan, a beautiful, gentle, feather-legged Bantam rescued from a feed store where I found him huddled in a corner crying in pain from a prolapsed vent. We enjoyed 3-1/2 wonderful years together." Merry Thompson, Sebastopol, California