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Burger King Sets Welfare Standards

First McDonald’s, now Burger King Corporation has announced welfare standards for birds and other animals owned by the company’s suppliers (producers) of animal-based products. Producers who do not comply “will face disciplinary action,” the company announced in June. Cage size for laying hens will be increased from 48 to 75 square inches per bird, allowing each hen to stand fully upright for the first time ever. Forced molting of hens by depriving them of food and water to manipulate egg production is prohibited, and debeaking (“beak trimming”) of chickens is “discouraged.”

What Can I Do?

Thank Burger King for acknowledging that chickens and other farmed animals suffer and that their suffering can and will be reduced by the company. Urge Burger King to do even more: 1) prohibit the cruel and painful debeaking of all birds owned by the company’s suppliers of poultry and eggs; 2) prohibit the artificial growth rate of “broiler” chickens, which causes lameness and cardiovascular disease in the young birds and hyperaggressive behavior, fear, and injury in the breeding flocks; 3) buy eggs only from uncaged hens. Write:

Mr. John Dasburg, CEO
Burger King Corporation
17777 Old Cutler Road
Miami, FL 33157
Ph: 305-378-7011 or 305-378-3535
Fax: 305-378-7262 or 305-378-7462