In Remembrance

Freddaflower Memorial Fund

The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the privilege of knowing them and sharing their lives. . . .
– Vicky Barbee

It is with sadness that United Poultry Concerns announces the sudden death of Vicky Barbee over the summer. Vicky wrote the above inscription for our Freddaflower Memorial Fund. She was a passionate animal rights vegan activist who rescued many animals in Virginia and served all animal advocacy causes. Vicky was a generous supporter of United Poultry Concerns and will be deeply missed by all of us.

Liqin and Freddaflower
Vicky Barbee and Zelda, 1999 Photo by Karen Davis

We thank those people who have contributed to our work with recent donations In Loving Memory and in Honor of the following beloved family members and friends:

  • In honor of my friend Melody Lumby on her birthday. Melody rescues and keeps a loving home for many chickens, turkeys, roosters and guineas. Thank you! – from Adrienne Mattioli

  • In honor of my friend Ellen Ravens-Seger and her husband Bob, who like yourself care for chickens rescued from slaughter. Sadly two of their beloved companions, Frieda and Paisley, have recently passed away and it is in memorial to them that I make this donation. – from Jack Lotko

  • For my hen Penny, who is forever missed and remembered with love. – from Edna-Ann Senecal

  • In loving memory of Tai Jen Kou, my beloved Shih Tzu dog, who shared his life with me for 13 years and 12 days until another dog of a careless owner attacked and killed him. In my pain and grief, I joined an animal organization to contribute money in his memory, then another and another including United Poultry Concerns. – from Linda A. Morello

  • In honor of Harvey, the feisty rooster I finally managed to rescue with the help of Matt and Mary Kelly. Many thanks for getting Harvey a good home with the Kellys. – from Harold Mercer

  • This donation is in honor of Hariette, Princess and Kookoo. – from Anne E. Steinhardt

UPC Chickens Happy Together!

Cypress Hens in Yard
Photo by Karen Davis

Would you like to sponsor a rescued UPC chicken for $6 a month, $72 a year? If so, please send us your check or money order stating the number of birds you wish to sponsor and if you prefer a hen or a rooster or both. You may pay by the month, bi-annually, or in one yearly installment. Upon receiving your sponsorship fee, we will send you a color photo of your happy chicken(s), and his, her, or their name(s). Thank you for helping us save and care for these wonderful birds.