You Are Cordially Invited To Attend


“Do Animal Welfare Campaigns & Reforms
Hurt or Help Animal Rights & Abolition?”

Saturday, December 8 - Sunday, December 9, 2001

Agenda: To debate and discuss the effects of current animal welfare campaigns and reforms on the achievement of animal rights and the effort to abolish the status of nonhuman animals as property and resources in society. (See larger summary below.)

Steve Best, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, University of Texas
Bruce Friedrich, Vegetarian Campaign Coordinator, PETA
Lee Hall, Attorney, Baltimore
Joe Miele, New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
Kirsten Rosenberg, Managing Editor, The Animals' Agenda
Discussion Leaders:
Joyce Friedman, In Defense of Animals
December 8 & 9 - United Poultry Concerns
12325 Seaside Road, Machipongo, VA 23405
Directions to UPC
Motel Info:

Our entire Forum will be held at UPC Headquarters in Machipongo, VA on the Eastern Shore. Therefore, unless you are flying, please book a hotel for Friday and Saturday nights on the Eastern Shore. We recommend the Anchor Motel in Nassawadox at 800-442-5533. Be sure to tell the reservationist you want the Anchor Motel in Nassawadox. It's 5 miles north of UPC on Route 13, the main highway. If you are flying in on Friday, please book a room at the Airport Hilton(1500 North Military Highway, Norfolk, VA 23502 Reservations: or (800) 422-7474) for Friday night only. Book the Anchor Motel or one of the other listed motels on the Eastern Shore for Saturday night.

We will pick up everyone who flies into Norfolk, on Saturday morning and bring them across the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge for the Forum. We will see that everyone without cars gets to their motel here on the Shore Saturday evening. We'll get everyone to the Norfolk International Airport on Sunday when the Forum and luncheon are over at 2 PM. It's best to make plane reservations for early evening, if possible. The airport is an hour and 15 minutes from UPC. Please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

Other nearby motels:
  • Days Inn: Cape Charles. Call 1-800-331-4000; 757-331-1000
  • Peacock Motor Inn, Cape Charles. Call 757-331-2121
  • Rittenhouse Motor Lodge, Cape Charles. Call 757-331-2768
  • Cape Motel, Cape Charles. 16 rooms, 2 trailers. 757-331-2461
  • Best Western, Exmore. Toll Free: 888-768-8313; 757-442-7378
Saturday, December 8, 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Sunday, December 9, 9 AM - 2 PM
Registration fee:
$75.00 per person, pre-paid
Students and Seniors(Over 65) - $40, per person, pre-paid
Tabling - $25, per organization, pre-paid

Send check or money order payable to United Poultry Concerns and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: United Poultry Concerns, PO Box 150, Machipongo, VA 23405. Registration fee must be received by Wednesday, December 5, 2001.

Registration includes morning coffee, tea, bagels, and fruit juice on both days, and two vegan luncheon buffets.

Merchandise and Literature Will Be Available

All room cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to December 8, 2001 for a room refund.

United Poultry Concerns is Pleased to Announce Our Third Annual Forum:

“Do Animal Welfare Campaigns & Reforms
Hurt or Help Animal Rights & Abolition?”

December 8-9, 2001

Agenda: The debate in our movement over reform vs. abolition intensified in 2000, when McDonald’s announced new regulations for hens used for egg production in response to pressure from PETA. The same year, in response to a 4-year campaign by United Poultry Concerns and the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights, United Egg Producers announced a phase out of the practice of starving hens to manipulate egg production known as “forced molting.” 2000 also saw the launching of the American Humane Association’s Free Farmed certificate program in which labels are awarded to “food” animal production companies that meet animal welfare standards set by the AHA. In 2001 debates rage over legislation to ban gestation crates for sows in Florida and over the promotion of “humane” veal. The Forum will look at how these and other welfare events impact on animal rights and the goal of abolishing animal exploitation. For example, it will explore the differences between the AHA’s Free Farmed program and PETA’s campaign to win concessions from McDonald’s and Burger King and why, for example, a self-declared abolitionist group might support one campaign over the other despite their seeming similarities. Here in brief are some published opinions the Forum will cover.

  • “Let’s do nothing to improve conditions and wait for the whole world to become vegan before chickens even get a modicum of relief. Uh huh.”

  • “I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t intend to give McDonald’s a break. I will do everything I can to put them out of business.”

  • “If you are enslaved in tiny, crowded, filthy cages, how much worse off are you going to be if they starve you for two weeks?”

  • “How important is our purity? For example, is it more important to promote only our version of veganism, or is it more important to achieve ‘results’ as best and as quickly as we can?”

  • “It’s about getting people to address their diet-not getting McDonald’s to.”

  • “The concept of humane veal is a great mistake. It confuses the veal issue just as the general public was beginning to clearly perceive the problem.”

  • “I find it utterly repulsive that people would have chickens force-molted and crammed in tinier cages simply so the case of veganism is more ‘clear cut.’”

  • “McDonald’s’ action is important because it is the first time that a major U.S. food company has announced that the treatment of farmed animals merits attention in its own right. For the first time, the animals themselves have been declared to matter.”

  • “No wonder the animal ’movement’ is so pathetically ineffectual. We have PETA promoting McDonald’s, Temple Grandin, designer of ‘humane’ slaughterhouses, celebrated as a ‘hero’ of the ‘movement,’ and Jane Goodall promoting milk and dairy products. I fail to see why the exploiters feel they need organizations like the Beef or Dairy Council. The ‘movement’ will promote animal exploitation.”