26 June 2019

WAMU – Stop Advertising Nellie’s “Free‑Range” Eggs!

“Dear UPC: We are SO sick of hearing ads for Nellie's Free Range Eggs on WAMU.”

carton of Nellie's free range eggs

WAMU 88.5 – American University Radio – is Washington, DC’s NPR station serving the greater Washington Metropolitan Area. Though supposed to be noncommercial public radio, WAMU incessantly promotes Nellie’s “Free-Range” Eggs, owned by Pete and Gerry’s Organics.

Nellie’s Eggs are labeled “Certified Humane.” This year, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals filed a lawsuit challenging Nellie’s Eggs’ portrayal of hens ranging on open pastures and being cuddled by children, when in fact, Nellie’s hens are crammed inside drab sheds holding 20,000 hens per shed with little more than a square foot of living space for each hen. Their “range” is a strip of dirt with maybe a small area of grass on some of the company’s many farms. See: “Chickens Crammed Inside Shed on Nellie’s ‘Free‑Range’ Farm.”

Pete and Gerry’s Organics dismisses PETA’s charges, stating: “We can confidently say that our family farms have a flawless history of upholding our high animal welfare standards.”

All agribusiness companies fraudulently claim “high animal welfare standards.” Nellie’s omits the part about the factory-farm hatcheries, the destruction of the male chicks at birth, the painful debeaking of the hens, the culling of hens who aren’t laying enough eggs, the factory-farm sheds, the minimal “range,” the brutal catching crews, and the slaughter or gassing of the hens after a year of laying eggs for Walmart, Whole Foods and other retailers.

What Can I Do?

Politely inform WAMU 88.5 that you object to their promotion of Nellie’s Eggs. Nellie’s hens are NOT treated humanely, they are not “free-range,” and a public radio station should not engage in commercial advertising. Ask WAMU to stop promoting Nellie’s Eggs. Request a written response to your complaint, and post your objection on their Facebook page.

If Nellie’s Eggs are being advertised on your local NPR Radio station, please protest to the station and post your objection on the station’s Facebook page.

Read the letter protesting the WAMU 88.5 promotion of Nellie’s “Free‑Range” Eggs sent by United Poultry Concerns.



WAMU 88.5 American University Radio
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016--8082

Phone: 855-885-8830 or 202-885-1200

Email: WAMU88.5 help center.

Facebook: WAMU88 Facebook


For more information, see:
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Thank you for taking action!

Thank you for choosing vegan!

United Poultry Concerns