School Hatching Projects

“Ethical questions are raised when unwanted animals are brought into this world, diminishing our sense of the inherent value of the living creature. The positive lesson that can come from observing and respecting normal parenting of adult birds for their future offspring is lost. In these school hatching projects, any sense of parent birds carefully preparing nests and tending their future babies is lost because the eggs are hatched in a piece of equipment. The surviving chicks are usually doomed to a life expectancy of a few days spent miserably. Young birds need nurturing and rest. They are difficult to feed in the classroom and can suffer starvation and dehydration that is not even noticed.”
- Dr. F. Barbara Orlans, Senior Research Fellow, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

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home for henny

A Home for Henny

By Karen Davis

This wonderful children’s book tells the touching story of a little girl named Melanie, a hen named Henny, and the bond they develop after Henny is saved from a classroom chick-hatching project. The story shows the sweetness of hens and why hatching projects should be replaced with humane teaching about birds. Beautifully illustrated by Patricia Vandenbergh, it’s the perfect gift for a child, parents, teachers and your local library

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