United Poultry Concerns June 24, 2004

AtkinsFacts.org is officially launched!

Please check out http://www.AtkinsFacts.org

I'm very very proud of it. I think I just may have outdid myself this time :)

I need your help getting the word out. I need any and all
brainstorming ideas for how to promote this puppy.

Beyond just my comprehensive piece, I've pulled together 30 years of
all the juiciest anti-Atkins bits--it' really quite the resource.
I'm hoping to get to a point where every activist in the country
rolls out the words "Check out AtkinsFacts.org" the next time they
get some inane question about low carb dieting. So getting it out to
the movement is one priority.

Another priority is to get it in the public sphere. It's very
professional, lists all the Atkins-bashing bits from all the
high-powered medical and nutrition "authorities" people trust. If you
know of any sympathetic food or health journalists that might be
willing to run a story, that would be a great way to launch it into
the mainstream.

On the internet side, i don't really know much about website
promotion. If you know of any webwhiz out there who might be willing
to help me come up with a plan to get this out there that would be
great too.

What else should I be doing to really make this thing count? Any
ideas? I think you're really going to fall in love with the site as
much as I have.


You could also post something like this:

Is the Atkins Diet Safe?
Why did the largest organization of food and nutrition
professionals in the world call the Atkins Diet "a nightmare of a

Why did the British government's Medical Research Council
come out and warn that the Atkins Diet poses a "massive health risk"?

Why did the President of the American College of Nutrition
once say, "Of all the crazy diets that have been proposed in the last
50 years, this [Atkins Diet] is the most dangerous to the public if
followed for any length of time"?

Learn why the American Heart Association, the American
Medical Association, the American Dietetics Association, the American
Cancer society and every other major medical, nutrition or
science-based organization in the world is opposed to the Atkins diet.

Visit http://www.AtkinsFacts.org

AtkinsFacts.org is a new website featuring for the first
time Dr. Michael Greger's ground-breaking expose' of this latest
high-fat fad. Created to be the comprehensive one-stop resource on
the truth behind Atkins lies, AtkinsFacts.org also includes all of
the best work on the subject, including writings available for the
first time on-line like the American Medical Association's original
scathing critique of "Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution."

Please consider forwarding to anyone that needs to know the
truth about low carb diets.

http://www.AtkinsFacts.org -- debunking the fad.


Get the Facts at:

(206) 312-8640
185 South St #6
Boston, MA 02130

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