21 December 2020

UPC Needs Your Support This Holiday Season


Holiday Greetings from United Poultry Concerns

UPC Sanctuary Chickens in the trees

From Our Hearts to Yours

Penny Lane
Penny Lane
Photos of UPC Sanctuary birds by Karen Davis, 2020.

Thank You for Your Support


“My dear friends & inspiring teachers at UPC, thank you for the beautiful work you do, and congratulations on 30 years of promoting the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl! Your book review in a previous Poultry Press mentions the requirement for ‘a daily renewal of commitment, a constant battle against despair.’ I’m sure you know, but let me reiterate, that there is so much love that is sent to you constantly from your dear birds, and from so many friends around the world. I wish you all much deep joy and love in the coming year.” – Richard Trowbridge

The historic year 2020 marked our 30-year anniversary since I founded United Poultry Concerns in 1990. From the beginning, UPC has been a groundbreaking force in the animal liberation movement, focusing people’s attention on the farmed animals who are the least protected and who suffer in the greatest numbers (exceeded only by fish), chickens and turkeys.

For 30 years, we’ve been educating the general public and the animal advocacy community about who chickens and turkeys are when they are not in a condition of total misery. Together, our books, articles, campaigns, presentations, and sanctuary in Virginia expose the kinds of suffering these birds endure in farming, cockfighting, and experimental research in contrast to the exuberant flock and family life they enjoy in their natural habitats in Asia and India and in our sanctuary.

I have always considered it crucial to show these birds in the light of their natural interests, activities, and sensory & emotional vitality versus their desolation and diseases of body and spirit in captivity. Yet there is so much work still to be done.

A recent random survey found that while most respondents said they would sign a petition urging a company or government agency to “do” something to help the birds, fewer said they would take positive action themselves, like not eating their friends. But the cold fact is: little can be done for the birds as long as profits are good. As long as people consume animal products, the animals’ lives will keep getting worse (although already 100% miserable), their numbers will increase, and, as individuals, the only way out for each chicken, turkey, and other “food” animal is finally to be dead – and how they die in the slaughterhouses you would not wish on your worst enemy.

That is why we avidly promote animal-free products and vegan cuisine. Encouragingly, this sector of our economy is growing. We know our supporters are helping to make this happen, and we are grateful.

Rupert the rooster and Dear Hen

We adopted Rupert the rooster from Elke Romer in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. He was abandoned and walked right up to her and let her pick him up. She made a 10-hour roundtrip drive to bring him here.

He’s under a year old, probably born in the spring and whoever had him probably thought he was a hen until he started crowing and then they let him go.

We placed him in an enclosure with one of this year’s hens from the Norfolk laboratory. So far, I haven’t been able to get a really good photo of them because he won’t stay still. He dances all around me as soon as I enter the enclosure.

I managed to get this picture of him and Dear Hen on top of their ladder after they finally settled down for the night.

– Karen Davis, November 21, 2020

As well as urging you to support our work in 2021, we invite you to watch our compelling 15-minute video celebrating our 30-year anniversary! It highlights the passion, hard work, struggle, dedication, and determination of yours truly and UPC over three decades. To watch the video , go to www.upc‑online.org/videos/30-year.

To help us persevere for another 30 years, please visit www.upc-online.org/donate to contribute. Or simply send your tax-deductible check or money order to UPC, PO Box 150, Machipongo, VA 23405. All gifts in any amount are gratefully received and well spent.

For the birds and all of us at United Poultry Concerns, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, and we wish you happiness in the year ahead.

Our Work for the Birds Depends on Your Support!


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Karen Davis, PhD

President & Founder
United Poultry Concerns

Karen Davis at her desk

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization. Federal ID: 52-1705678. All donations are tax-deductible. A financial statement is available on written request to the Office of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 1163, Richmond, Virginia 23218. Our 990 tax forms, Annual Reports & Audits are posted on our website at www.upc-online.org. To view these documents, click on About UPC on our homepage at www.upc‑online.org/more_about_upc.html. Thank you.