19 December 2022

UPC Needs Your Support This Holiday Season


Holiday Greetings from United Poultry Concerns

Cover photo of Frankincense (2000-2022) by Rich Cundari, Sept 21, 2022
Photo of Frankincense (2000-2022) by Rich Cundari, Sept 21, 2022

Bonnie, UPC photo by Davida G. Breier
Bonnie, UPC photo by Davida G. Breier


“With deepest appreciation and highest regard for all you’ve done and are doing for God’s feathered creatures.” – Shehernavaz Pundole

“I want to thank all those who come together to create my much-loved Poultry Press, and, especially appreciate Karen Davis’ very knowledgeable and heart-provoking essays and poems (Chicken Dreaming). Such empathy in a world of darkness. . . .” Wandis Wilcox

“I am so grateful for your dedication to chickens and turkeys – especially this time of year! On behalf of all the voiceless innocent ones, Thank you!” – Barbara Darling

For 32 years, we’ve educated the public and the animal advocacy community about who chickens and turkeys are when they are not in a condition of abject misery. We vigorously promote a compassionate animal-free diet and lifestyle. Together, our books, articles, campaigns, presentations, and sanctuary in Virginia expose the kinds of suffering these birds endure in farming, cockfighting, and experimental research in contrast to the exuberant flock and family life they enjoy in their natural habitats and in our sanctuary.

Rowdy, UPC photo by Rich Cundari, Sept 21, 2022.
Rowdy, UPC photo by Rich Cundari, Sept 21, 2022

I have always sought to show these birds in the light of their natural interests, activities, and sensory & emotional vitality versus their desolation and diseases in institutional captivity. But as we say each year and every day, there is much work still to do. Here are a few highlights from 2022:

In April 2022 I launched my new podcast series Thinking Like a Chicken – News & Views to rave reviews from listeners seeking information and ideas in a biweekly 10-minute presentation concerning chickens, turkeys and other domesticated birds.

Our campaign exposing the horrific cruelty and dishonesty of Tractor Supply Company inspired a Tractor Supply employee this year to do meticulous research into the brutal bowels of Tractor Supply that we hope will lead to the lawsuit we are currently seeking with a dedicated animal advocacy law firm.

We are actively engaged in exposing the unspeakable cruelty of exterminating tens of millions of chickens, turkeys, quails, ducks and many other birds on American farms this year, in which the birds are slowly baked, suffocated and poisoned to death in order to preserve the poultry industry in the guise of controlling the Avian Influenza that continues to mutate into more and more virulent forms through poultry and egg facilities that spread bird flu to birds and risk to humans.

Our dedicated team of Kaporos chicken rescuers saved 238 chickens who were crated in New York City streets shivering and freezing to death in the rain while Kaporos practitioners swung their soaking victims over their heads, chanting that the suffering and slaughter of the birds ensured that they themselves would enjoy a “good long life and peace.” Thus far, New York State Health officials and politicians have refused to do anything about the filth and diseases of the state’s live poultry markets and Kaporos rituals, choosing politics over protection of both birds and human residents.

To help us persevere in our work, please visit www.upc-online.org/donate to contribute. Or simply send your tax-deductible check or money order to UPC, PO Box 150, Machipongo, VA 23405. All gifts in any amount are gratefully received and well spent.

For the birds – including our 21 new sanctuary hens! – we thank you for your support and wish you joy and wellbeing in 2023.

Our Work for the Birds Depends on Your Support!


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Karen Davis, PhD

President & Founder
United Poultry Concerns

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