12 January 2021

Chicks Dumped in Freezing Garage Waiting to Be Killed: Take Action

On January 7, 2021, a Free from Harm investigator documented the misery and neglect of six-week-old chickens at Aden Poultry awaiting their death in Chicago’s freezing cold. Please read the alert and contact Chicago’s commissioner by phone and email as requested:

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Chicken in cage so small she is unable to stand, walk or speard her wings

Excerpt from Free from Harm Action Alert:

The putrid smell of waste hits you from about 200 feet away. Then you see how much waste is caked on the crates. The best way to describe these 6-week old chicks is like frozen lumps of dough, many with splayed legs, unable to stand, forced to crouch down (the height of the crates are about half of the height of their standing height), soiled by their own accumulating waste and the waste falling from other birds several levels above. Still, many are responsive and peer meekly out at me. Next, the truckers began to unload several crates of live birds and haul them into the dark, likely unheated 2-car garage.

The truckers worked fast, slamming the crates of birds down onto the pavement, and without any regard for the birds’ welfare. One could hear the birds vocalizing loudly and see them desperately fluttering their wings in a futile attempt to get on their feet. The truckers stacked several crates of birds on top of one another, each crate packed tightly with approximately 50 or more birds. The wings and feet of some birds are visibly extended outside of the crate floor as they are being thrown around which results in injuries. Presumably the birds will languish in this dark and cold garage at least until the business opens at 7am, if not later, without access to food and water, in these miserable and waste-ridden conditions.


Letter to Commissioner Allison Arwady

UPC Letter


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Thank you for speaking up for these chickens.
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