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14 November 2014
Chickens as Kaporos: A Story of Witnessing and Rescue

The following is an interview with attorney Lori Barrett about her harrowing experience witnessing and documenting chickens used as kaporos in her New York City neighborhood. In the process, she managed to rescue and rehome one lucky baby chicken named Isa. This is her true story.


Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos
Photo of Isa by Lori Barrett, October 2014

Isa now lives happily at
And-Hof Animals Sanctuary for Farm Animals in the Catskills.
Photo courtesy of Lori Barrett, November 2014

Photo of Isa by Lori Barrett, October 2014

Photo of Isa
by Lori Barrett, November 2014

Lori Barrett with her rescued Kaporos chicken Isa at And-Hof Sanctuary, November 2014
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