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Hatching Good Lessons: Alternatives to School Hatching Projects

A Teachers Guide to Humane Alternatives to Chick‑Hatching Projects. 16 pages of information, storytelling, classroom activities & color photos. Grades K-6 (some activities are designed for K-12).

Hatching Good Lessons - $2.50
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Where's the Turkey cover

Where’s the Turkey?

by Caroline Jones

Where's the Turkey? is a charming and adorable book for young children. The child is engaged in a journey, with visual clues in the illustrations, toward discovering where the turkey is, which is not on the table. Young children love the “look-and-find” challenge page by page. I recommend this book most highly. It illustrates a Happy Thanksgiving with the whole family and a delicious Thanksgiving feast for which the turkeys themselves can give thanks for enjoying the day in their own happy "turkey" way.
Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

Where's the Turkey? - $6.99

Chickens at Play

by United Poultry Concerns
DVD 10:04 minutes. Grades K-6 (and older!)

This vibrant video shows chickens at the United Poultry Concerns sanctuary in Virginia. Starting in the morning, we see them eagerly waiting to be let outside in the yard, then racing through their door to pounce on lettuce and start their day. We watch and listen to the chickens through their daily activities into the evening as, one by one, they hop up to their perches for the night. Accompanied by lively music, this DVD includes brief explanations of what the chickens are doing in particular scenes, narrated by a young child.

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Watch Chickens at Play

A Home for Henny

A Home for Henny

by Karen Davis

Melanie is a 3rd grader who is excited about a chick hatching project in her class at school. The project seemed like a good idea at first, but unexpected problems arise and the whole class learns a lesson in compassion. When the project is over, Melanie adopts one of the chicks she names Henny. A Home for Henny explores the challenges and concerns with school hatching projects while evoking the lively personality of Henny and her loving relationship with Melanie. Grades K-4

Do you have elementary school-age children at home? Nieces or Nephews? Friends with children? A Home for Henny is the perfect story to teach children compassion for chickens and why chick-hatching programs don't belong in our schools. Donate a copy (or several!) to your local elementary schools and the children's section of your local libraries.

A Home for Henny - $6.99
5 Copies of A Home for Henny - $15.00

Cha Cha Chicken Coloring Book

by Marc Chalvin

Narrated by Cha Cha the hen, this book invites children to visit Green Farm sanctuary and learn about the happy animals who live there. Written by Marian Hailey-Moss and illustrated by Marc Chalvin, Cha Cha shows children that chickens are people too and invites them to color their world beautiful!

Cha Cha Chicken Coloring Book is a delightful gift for children K-3.

Cha Cha Chicken Coloring Book - $10

'Twas the Night Before THANKSGIVING

Story and Pictures by Dav Pilkey
Scholastic Book Shelf

Turkeys don't usually celebrate Thanksgiving. And they wish we wouldn't either! Here is a tale of eight children who meet eight turkeys who are in big trouble. Only the kids can keep the turkeys from meeting their Thanksgiving fate. But how will they save the turkeys?

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving - $6.99

Dave Loves Chickens

Written & Illustrated by Carlos Patino
Vegan Publishers

Dave Loves Chickens is a brand new beautiful book for young children examining the unique characteristics of chickens and questioning why people eat animals. The main character of the book, Dave, is a quirky monster from another planet who loves the animals on Earth and encourages others to appreciate them and not eat them! This fun, lighthearted book, full of bold colors and friendly illustrations, is ideal for parents who would like to introduce their children to a more compassionate way of treating chickens and all animals.

Dave Loves Chickens - $10

A Rooster’s Tale:
A Year in the Life of a Clan of Chickens

Story and color photos by Claudia Bruckert
Grades 3-12

Can chickens talk? What does a rooster do all day? Would a mother hen attack a hawk? What happens within a family of chickens?

This soulful and humorous book takes the reader to a fascinating foreign world. The young rooster Change tells the real life story of his family. Enchanting events and intriguing facts, chronicled and photographed over the course of one year, convey deep insights into daily chicken life.

A Rooster's Tale - $20

The Great Cage Escape

The Great Cage Escape

by Louise Van Der Merwe
Grades 4-7

The birds in a pet shop think they are happy until a brown box punched full of air holes is left overnight on their front door step. The creature inside looks very weird at first. But as his feathers begin to grow, his true identity becomes apparent, and the stories he tells inspire the pet shop birds to pull off a Great Cage Escape. This is a story that encourages respect for all forms of life and helps learners realize that heaven can be right here on earth if we choose to make it so.

The Great Cage Escape - $4.95

A Chicken’s Life

A Chicken’s Life

by PETAkids Comics
Grades 4-6

This cute comic book illustrates a group of children visiting an animal sanctuary where they meet a flock of chickens and learn all about them including the differences between Nature’s Way and The Factory Farm Way. “Are these chickens really your friends?” they ask. “I’ve never met a chicken before.” A Chicken’s Life includes a puzzle for elementary school students to unscramble words including barn, beak, cluck, feathers, grass, hatch, peck, peep, wings, and lots more.

A Chicken’s Life - $1.50
10 Copies of A Chicken’s Life - $10.00

Sanctuary: Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals

by Sharon Lee Hart
Charta Books, 2012

SANCTUARY takes you on an intimate journey to meet wonderful animals and the courageous rescuers who become their companions. Everyone can “visit” a sanctuary by buying, reading & sharing SANCTUARY.

Sanctuary - $20

Minny’s Dream

by Clare Druce, Founder of Chickens’ Lib

Minny’s Dream is a powerful and moving story about a young girl’s encounter with a “battery hen” named Minny, who begs her friend Paula to set her free. Should Paula help Minny and risk being arrested? Risk her parents’ wrath? Minny’s “dream” is the caged hen’s “ancestral memory” of who she really is and how she was meant to live, told in her own words.

Minny’s Dream dramatizes the story of the plight of chickens from the tropical forest to the battery cage and the moral issues involved in whether to rescue or not to rescue. “Paula knows she must stand up for what she believes in, but can she succeed against the odds?”

Minny’s Dream - $10

A Boy, A Chicken and The Lion of Judah: How Ari Became a Vegetarian

by Roberta Kalechofsky

This wonderfully gifted children's story, set in modern Israel, is about a young boy's quest for moral independence. An intelligent book for all ages. Winner of the 1996 Fund for Animals “Kind Writers Make Kind Readers Award.”

For Bulk Orders, contact Micah Publications at 781-631-7601
A Boy, A Chicken and The Lion of Judah - $10

Nature's Chicken

Nature's Chicken: The Story of Today's Chicken Farms

by Nigel Burroughs

With wry humor, this unique children's story book traces the development of today's chicken and egg factory farming in a perfect blend of entertainment and instruction. Wonderful illustrations. Promotes compassion and respect for chickens.

For Bulk Orders, call The Book Publishing Company at 1-888-260-8458.
Nature's Chicken - $4.95

Goosie's Story

by Louise Van Der Merwe

A touching story about a “;battery” hen who is given a chance to lead a normal life - a happy life. This moving book will be warmly welcomed and shared by children, parents and teachers, highlighting as it does the concern and compassion we ought to feel for all our feathered friends on this earth.

For Bulk Orders, contact Louise van der Merwe, Animal Voice, South Africa (e-mail: avoice@yebo.co.za)
Goosie's Story - $4.95

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