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18 November 2010
Black Eagle Farm: Chicken Starvation, Consumer Fraud, Cruelty

“‘The place was completely filthy,’ said Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns, a Machipongo, Va.-based animal rights group that reviewed state records and photographs of the farm. ‘The company just stopped feeding the birds.’”

In an interview, the owner said “he was unaware of any mistreatment of animals. . . .”

“Virginia farm supplies eateries in D.C. despite animal-care violations,” by Katherine Reynolds Lewis, was published today on www.TBD.com, a Washington DC area TV station & website affiliate of POLITICO.

Lewis tells the appalling story of Black Eagle Farm, a Virginia “organic” business whose owner and manager starved more than 25,000 “organic, cage-free” hens in 2009, several times at a stretch, while selling eggs advertised as “cage-free,” at premium prices, to upscale grocers and restaurants in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia, under the name “Piney River.”

Read Lewis’s story here:
http://www.tbd.com/articles/2010/11/virginia-farm-supplies-eateries-in-d-c-despite-animal-care-violations-32815.html (archive.org). Comments are welcome!

For UPC’s account of Black Eagle Farm in the Winter 2010 Poultry Press, click on

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