13 January 2017

Stop Ostrich Races

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Racing chariot in roll-over crash

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Chandler Arizona Chamber of Commerce:
Stop Ostrich Races

On March 10-12, 2017, the Chandler Arizona Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual Ostrich Festival. Begun in 1989, the festival hires an animal supplier to provide ostriches to pull chariots and be ridden rodeo-style.

Ostriches are the oldest living birds on earth, evolved to roam the desert and view the land in all directions at once. They are devoted parents. The ostrich races strip them of their dignity, put them in danger, and make fun of them. Ostriches are not suited by temperament or anatomy to pull chariots and be ridden by “cowboys.” Their large fragile eyes, long necks and legs are easily injured.


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By signing this petition: Stop Ostrich Races, the following letter will be emailed to the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

Dear Chandler, Arizona Chamber of Commerce,

We respectfully urge you to cancel the ostrich races and make the festival a positive event that respects the life and feelings of all creatures. Just as Chandler’s transition to a high tech center has benefited the town, so the Ostrich Festival can evolve to a lucrative attraction in which the ostrich races are relegated to a past that no longer reflects the consciousness of today’s society toward animals.



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