11 November 2019

Letter to Liberty Mutual From Holly L. Eubanks

November 8, 2019

David H. Long, Chairman and CEO
Liberty Mutual Insurance
175 Berkeley Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Phone: 617-357-9500

Dear Mr. Long,

I am a retired teacher writing to you to request that you remove all your emu-related commercials from all airwaves. They are deplorable, demoralizing for the animal, and represent your company as engaging in and sanctioning animal cruelty.

I browsed around online to find out what sorts of "appeals" advertisers routinely use to sell their merchandise or services.

Here in this article are 23:

Nowhere in the list will you find any marketing strategy that resorts to forcing an otherwise-magnificent bird to be dressed in confining human wear, then placed in front of a store window where the bird can see his or her reflection and then, in instinctive reaction to what it perceives as an unknown bird, begin to bash its beak against the window.

This is painful to the animal, in case you were unaware. In its entirety, the commercial is bizarre. Of all the strategies you could use--appeal to love, belonging, right action, nurturing, dedicated work or learning...nowhere do I see a reference to "bizarre" or "cruel" as a good tool for selling your brand. The closest I can come to what you are trying to achieve is "humor," but "sick humor" is not listed as a corollary.

During my 40+ year career, my colleagues and I were expected to include teaching kindness and respect in our daily curriculum. Apparently our efforts have not succeeded with some in the advertising world.

Please remove these commercials. They are despicable.

Holly L. Eubanks