United Poultry Concerns
8 June 2009
National Pigeon Day Celebrates Pigeons in New York City June 13
United Poultry Concerns Cosponsors New York Bird Club Rally

"Pigeons are often a city child's first contact with nature and an elderly person's only friend." -New York City Council Member Tony Avella

The New York Bird Club and United Poultry Concerns cordially invite you to participate in the Second Annual National Pigeon Day Celebration on Saturday, June 13th from Noon to 4 pm. The rally takes place on Pilgrim Hill in Central Park in New York City. Enter on the northwest corner of 5th Avenue & E. 72nd Street. For more information, including this year's speakers, photographs, media coverage and more, click on www.nationalpigeonday.blogspot.com.

National Pigeon Day welcomes all members of the public to celebrate pigeons for the joy they bring to New York City residents. Their sweet faces, their cooing voices and their majestic waddle lift people's spirits amid the bustle of city life.

Please join us as we rally for the rights of pigeons and protest the transport of pigeons to Pennsylvania for the purpose of pigeon shoots. Though the Hegins pigeon shoot was finally stopped in 1999, pigeons are still being rounded up from the streets of New York City for massacre by private gun clubs, like the Philadelphia Gun Club in Bensalem, PA.

Last year's National Pigeon Day brought a wonderful gathering of people together on Pilgrim Hill, in Central Park, to speak up for pigeons. UPC President Karen Davis spoke about "The 'Human' Nature of Pigeons" (www.upc-online.org/pigeons). She joins the celebration again this year to talk about the family life of pigeons and describe her rescue of wounded pigeons and release of 12 pigeons from a crate, just as they were about to be shot on Labor Day, at Hegins, in 1996 (www.upc-online.org/f96hegins.html).

Anna Dove is the president of the New York Bird Club who created the National Pigeon Day project. Please join Anna and all of us on Saturday, June 13th in Central Park to celebrate pigeons. We look forward to having you with us. Coo-kadoodle-coo!

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