Fall 2015 Poultry Press NEXT
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New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) Honors UPC President Karen Davis and Other Women Founders of Organizations for Animals in Its Summer issue of UPDATE. Here is the cover story:

“It’s empathy that inspires the women our Summer UPDATE highlights. Some care for animals in sanctuary; others advocate for those still behind the walls of exploitation. It’s the animals to whom they have made a life commitment.

“NEAVS honors women who broke traditional stereotypes to speak and act for those without voices. The anti-vivisection movement began in the late 1800s, a period of great strides for social justice. Abolitionists had recently won. Child labor reform was mounting. And, women’s right to vote was on the way. NEAVS’ founders were involved in these progressive movements when the society began in 1895.

“As time progresses, women’s voices for animals grow stronger. Although obstacles remain, it’s perseverance and focus on another’s need that changes the world. The animals are unaware of the lengths to which they go. But when rescued or spared, they reap the rewards. Some women who now champion the rights of animals worked in the very industries in which animals are used and abused. But they heard a voice inside that said ‘NO MORE,’ and added their hands and heart to our movement.

“This issue recognizes some of the women who have founded or co-founded organizations and sanctuaries that collectively have helped millions of animals. Some of those featured are no longer with us, but their vision remains.

“Please join us in celebrating the power and heart of women. We wish we could name them all, but we do deeply thank each and every one of them.”

To learn more about NEAVS, go to www.neavs.org or call 617-523-6020 (Boston, Mass.) and view the Summer issue of UPDATE at www.neavs.org/resources/publication/summer-2015-update.

Fall 2015 Poultry Press NEXT