In July We Welcomed 50 Birds from a Cockfighting Bust in Virginia Beach!

On July 27th, United Poultry Concerns adopted 50 young hens (some of whom are turning out to be roosters as they mature into adulthood) rescued in a cockfighting raid in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We're thrilled to share photos we took as the birds were being unloaded and afterward as they perched among the branches in our predator-proof sanctuary yard. Our peafowl couldn't wait for them to come out of the carriers! That very afternoon, everyone was sunbathing and dustbathing and getting to know each other. They love perching in the trees! We're grateful to Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center for making this adoption possible and for taking the cockfighters to court on felony charges.

The hens near the empty crates they arrived in.

The hens exploring.

virginia beach hena perching 1

virginia beach hena perching 2