For The Birds is a “must read” for everyone!

AMAZON REVIEW: This book is a “must read” for everyone.

Karen Davis’s book For the Birds is a masterpiece. Brilliantly written, passionate, eloquent, engaging, and witty, it combines Davis’s vast knowledge of facts about the lives of chickens, turkeys, and other birds, with her gift for presenting multiple perspectives on the problems facing them and the horrors we humans inflict on them. These essays span political and advocacy issues, beautiful and fascinating descriptions of the lives of these magnificent birds and their capacities, courageous and helpful stories from Davis’s own life, and more, always informed by Davis’s unwavering adherence to her moral principles and her example to all of us in this.

As a psychologist, I was particularly struck by Davis’s keen psychological insights and her exquisite sense of empathy for these innocent creatures we humans do such violence to. Her depictions of the psychological experience of a battery hen and the ancestral memories in a “broiler” chicken house cannot fail to change us and our outlook, if we have any empathy ourselves. This is a “Must Read” book for laypersons and experts alike.

Deborah Tanzer, PhD

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