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Rooster Feather Hair Extension
Trade Dealt a Serious Blow by AVEDA!

AVEDA: “At the end, no salon in our network has the practice of using feathers.” - Aveda President Dominique Conseil January 16, 2013 in a conference call with UPC about discontinuing the sale of rooster feather hair extensions in Aveda’s spas and hair salons.

In 2011, United Poultry Concerns launched a campaign to educate people about the source of rooster feather hair extensions popularized by rock star Steven Tyler on American Idol. Rooster feather hair extensions are extracted from thousands of roosters who are battery-caged and suffocated to death with carbon dioxide by companies that tear out their tail feathers then trash the dead birds who are brought into the world only so that a few feathers from each bird can be made into cosmetic ornaments and fly fishing lures. Entire breeding flocks of hens and roosters are factory-farmed strictly for these uses.

In addition to telling people never to buy any feather products, we targeted the beauty care company Aveda on learning that rooster feather hair extensions were being sold at Aveda salons. Our campaign included three Open Letters to Aveda’s president & CEO Dominique Conseil in VegNews magazine in 2012. Based on Aveda’s image of an “animal-friendly brand culture” that “cares for the world we live in,” we urged Mr. Conseil to implement a policy banning rooster feather hair extensions and all animal cruelty products from its retail network. Aveda’s letter to its network, while affirming that such products “do not align with the Aveda Mission,” diluted the message by assuring retailers that “it is not our place to dictate what you should or should not do.”

United Poultry Concerns countered that it is Aveda’s place to dictate ethical policy to any retail outlet bearing or affiliated with Aveda’s name and from which Aveda profits.

Aveda Takes Action

On January 16, 2013, a conference call with UPC president Karen Davis initiated by Aveda president Dominique Conseil and vice president of global communications, Shelley Simmons, brought encouraging news. Mr. Conseil said UPC’s campaign led Aveda to tell the 150 businesses they learned were selling rooster feather hair extensions to stop selling them. “We told them, either you agree, or we don’t do business with you anymore.” Calling the rooster compounds “organized concentration camps,” Mr. Conseil assured UPC that “we were prepared to lose 150 of our 6,000 independent businesses if necessary.” To prove Aveda’s good faith, he said that a few years ago, Aveda stopped selling boar bristle hair brushes due to the animal cruelty involved in the bristles. Of the rooster feather hair extension trade, he said: “We hope we have dealt a serious hit to this industry.”

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Please thank Aveda by contacting:

Dominique Conseil, President
4000 Pheasant Ridge Drive
Blaine, MN 55449
Customer Service: 1-800-328-0849
Fax: 1-800-236-4301

Promote compassionate fashion. Educate people about the terrible cruelty of feather ornaments by purchasing and distributing copies of our handout “The Truth about Feather Hair Extensions.” 10 for $1.00. 25 for $2.50. Order from UPC by check or money order, or by credit card at

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