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Molly the Emu: The Latest News on Her Case

The long necks and excellent periscopic vision of emus enable them to survey the land for miles in all directions at once. Emu parents incubate and raise their young together. They are very gentle birds.

IIn the Summer and Fall 2015 issues of Poultry Press, we reported how a young man in Comanche, Texas named Cassius Aden Mankin, accompanied by two or more other adults and some juveniles, entered the property of Bob and Carol Falk on February 14, 2015, stole their pet emu, Miss Molly, punched her eyes out, and choked her to death. On April 24, 2015, Mankin was formally indicted by the Grand Jury for the County of Comanche and charged with CRUELTY TO LIVESTOCK ANIMALS for his intentional and knowing torture of a livestock animal. The case against Mankin, previously set for jury trial on October 5, 2015, was reset for February 29, 2016.

What Can I Do?
Cassius Mankin mugshot

Cassius Mankin is charged with felony animal abuse for torturing and killing Miss Molly.

  • Please send a polite but firm message to the District Attorney’s Office urging that Cassius Aden Mankin (Case No. CR03870) be convicted of the Felony Cruelty to Livestock Animals with which he is charged. In addition to conviction, Mankin, who performed an intentionally sadistic act of animal cruelty in the company of juveniles and other adults, should be required to undergo intensive mental counselling with a permanent felony conviction on his record for cruelty to animals. The DA’s office told UPC that they’ve received a flood of mail and phone calls urging justice for Miss Molly. Please make a final push for her before Mankin’s trial on February 29.


    Judicial District Court Attorney B. J. Shepherd
    PO Box 368
    Meridian, TX 76665
    Phone: 254-435-2994
    Fax: 254-435-2952
    Email address unavailable.

  • To learn more about emus and ostriches – the oldest living birds on earth – please visit our webpage Report Nowhere To Hide at www.upc-online.org/ostriches. Our brochure “Ostriches & Emus: Nowhere to Hide” is also a powerful source of information about these flightless nomadic birds. Order 20 for $3.00.

    Thank you for demanding justice for Miss Molly.

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