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Minny’s Dream: The Story of a “Battery” Hen Who Escaped with “A Little Help from Her Friend.” Order Now!

Suddenly a voice calls down from the top cages: “Return, and I’ll fill you in on every single miserable, rotten, cruel aspect of this dismal place! You can get out of here, but for us, it’s a life sentence.”

Paula: “Who are you?”

Voice: “I’m Minny, and I’ve been standing or crouching down on this wire floor for the best part of a year. Yes, I’m Minny, a proud descendant of the Red Jungle Fowl. Say you’ll come back. You see, you’re our only hope.”

Minny’s Dream, by Chickens’ Lib founder Clare Druce, is the powerful and moving story about a young girl’s encounter with a “battery hen” named Minny, who begs her new friend, Paula Brown, to set her free. Should Paula help Minny and risk being arrested? Risk her parents’ wrath? Minny’s “dream” is the caged hen’s “ancestral memory” of who she really is and how she was meant to live, told in her own heart-wrenching words.

Minny’s Dream dramatizes the story of the plight of chickens from the tropical forest to the factory farm and the moral issues involved in whether to rescue or not to rescue. “Paula knows she must stand up for what she believes in, but can she succeed against the odds?”

While Minny’s Dream is especially for young people ages 8 through 14, it is for people of all ages who care about chickens, hate battery cages and animal suffering, and love a powerful story full of suspense, moral quandaries, human courage, and animal rescue. Minny is a suffering “egg-laying” hen who cries out from her cage to be saved. Please hear her cries, read her story, and share it with others - adolescents, high school classes, public libraries, friends, family & colleagues.

Order by check or money order for $10 from UPC, PO Box 150, Machipongo, VA 23405, or by credit card at Minny’s Dream is also available as an E-Book and in print from Amazon.

Summer 2014 Poultry Press NEXT