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Thank You for Contacting the National Fire Protection Association on Behalf of Farmed Animals
s and r egg farm la grange wi
S&R Egg Farm, La Grange, WI Photo:, Feb. 2, 2014

As described in our March Action Alert “Protect Farmed Animals from Preventable Fires!” the National Fire Protection Association – “The Authority on Fire, Electrical & Building Safety” – is reviewing a proposal to amend their 150 Standard for Fire & Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities to require sprinklers and smoke control systems in all newly-constructed animal housing facilities holding “Category B” animals. This category comprises billions of chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs and other farmed animals in the United States, of whom millions asphyxiate and burn to death each year when a fire breaks out in the buildings they are trapped in.

Not surprisingly, the agribusiness lobby opposes fire prevention systems, preferring to let their animals suffer and burn to death. They can then collect the insurance and apply for reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to rebuild and restock their facilities at little or no cost to themselves. Therefore, a fire protection requirement for “Category B” animals by the NFPA is requisite, because the farming industry will never voluntarily install fire protection for their animals.

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To assist their decision-making, the NFPA invited public comment – letters from groups and individuals on their proposal to protect Category B animals from preventable fires. While the deadline for paper submittals expired on April 11, and submitting letters through the NFPA’s website turned out to be a daunting task – we thank everyone who persisted! Emailed comments will still be accepted through May 16, 2014, though by the time you receive this magazine the deadline will probably have passed. If you choose to write before or after May 16, please email your comment (letter) directly to:

Dawn Bellis, Secretary
Standards Council
National Fire Protection Association
(Tel: 617-770-3000)

We will let you know the NFPA’s decision as soon as they announce it. Thank You!

Summer 2014 Poultry Press NEXT